Class of 1979 Reunion Committee

Class President Wendy Lorbeer Bublitz is heading up the 40th Reunion committee listed below.

Wendi (Lorbeer) Bublitz - 510 590-8741

Virgina Barmeyer

Kalani Caldwell

John Fleishman - 562 788-0910

Michael Gentile - 562 293-5982

Tom Gallagher - 562 537-7218

Oscar Garza - 714 349-6089

Michelle Green - 301 514-1164

Jodi Hein

Brian Russell

Brian Thornton - 562 756-9354

Mike Van Dyke - 562 537-9354

Tamara Vardo


Our Mission

The Reunion Committee’s job is to plan, arrange, contact classmates, and convene the reunion and related events to celebrate the 40th year since we graduated. Some classmates have passed in the intervening years, and we have lost track of others. We need your help to accurately update our pre-internet records. If you see an omission in the list of deceased or can supply a missing email or phone number, please help.

Thank you.


“Now known as Wilson Classical High School, it was good old Long Beach Wilson or Woodrow Wilson High when we attended…”

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